How to Improve Decision Making

The difference between winning and loosing in basktball.

How to Improve Decision Making

It takes one moment to turn a champion into a loser.

One wrong decision and you lose the championship at the buzzer.

When high stakes are at play, you have no choice but to make the right decisions.

Will you shoot? Will you pass? If so, to whom? These decisions are crucial for both your team and your success.

Basketball is a fast-paced game. You have to know what you'll do with the ball before it gets passed to you.

Yet many get stuck or paralyzed and eventually mess up the whole play by not making a decision.

Trust me, sometimes it's better to make the wrong decision than to make none.

If you're wrong, you'll learn from it. If you're right, you'll learn from it too.

But when you let fear, doubt, or some other emotion paralyze you, you lost.

Make the decision or it will be made for you. Drive that ball or get it stolen.

How can you get better at decision-making? Let me show you.